The ROYL Training Program provides Holistic Horsemanship, Classical Dressage and Cross Training for all breeds, whether the focus is starting, maintaining, rehabilitating, advancing and/or performance, with the goal of creating a more healthy, happy and dynamic horse

No matter the discipline, providing a well-rounded education from the ground up for a horse that’s a pleasure as a performance partner, respectful of human space, and confident and well mannered in a variety of situations is the priority.

The overarching goal is to support and bring out the best in the individual horse according to his or her unique personality, conformation and talents, aiming to improve coordination, balance, suppleness, tempo and overall athleticism, including correcting one-sidedness.

The ROYL approach provids both consistency and diversity for mental and physical benefits, thus according to appropriateness, sessions may include:

  • Longing
  • Lateral Work
  • Work in Hand
  • Mounted Work
  • Trailer Loading
  • Ground Driving
  • Ground Manners
  • Solo and Group Riding
  • Liberty and/or Round Pen
  • Ground Poles & Small Jumps
  • Working and Restorative Trail
  • Tacking and Untacking Etiquette
  • Standing for Health Care Practitioners
  • Mounting and Dismounting from Both Sides
  • Positive Confidence Building Exposure to a Variety Items or Situations

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