Life Mentoring. Experiential Mentoring. Equestrian Education.

“…with elation, you will greet yourself arriving at your own door…” —Derek Walcott

In this beautiful yet busy world, experience unique transformation, where authenticity, self care and personal accountability serve as a your compass; compassion and curiosity guide your way.

Whether you choose live or virtual life mentoring, or to work with horses in a holistic manner, honoring and eliciting the innate dignity which exists in all living beings is the guiding mission behind the offerings you will find through the Life Healing & Equestrian Arts offered here.

In a world that is continually making technological advances and moving at a faster pace, the overarching vision of the services offered herein is to connect people with their optimal and whole selves, their creativity, the natural world and cycles, and the other beings of this earth—including animals, and especially horses. May this, in turn, serve the overall good of the planet.


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