1:1 Programs

28 Day Cycle: An Introduction

This is a tailored introductory starting point. Perhaps you’re unsure about working together or how much support you actually need and one. Let’s design something within the context of one month that works for you—it could be purely one session, or more, and I can help you design it.

Three Moons Programs

Sessions are offered in 3-month packages, similar to how Nature works in three month long seasons. You may choose from a 6-session package averaging two sessions per month or a 12-session package of weekly sessions. Whichever 3-month cycle is the right fit for you, it will come with compassion and my commitment to show up with and for you.

Customized Transformative Programs

If you’re longing for a more concentrated personal growth experience, consider a customized program of 90-minute sessions scheduled closer together and/or a hybrid program involving the experiential eco- and equine-assisted personal development. Contact Lynn for more information and to design your ideal transformative experience.

Click here to schedule your free discovery session with Lynn today, and explore what the best fit would be to support you in Your Authentic Life.