Something from Nothing


Wu Wei is the Taoist practice of conscious non-action or non-doing, similar to how the planets revolve effortlessly  around the sun without control or force. In the words of Derek Lin, “Wu Wei does not mean passivity, apathy or indifference…but is about acting without attachment so one can focus on the action itself without expectation of particular results.”

What a practice! It’s been several seasons since I last wrote, and many things have transpired since the last post My Horse is Good at Nothing—Dandi is the ultimate Wu Wei master. I’ll share a few highlights from the journey, filled with the aforementioned aspects of letting go of attachment, control and force:

img_0398On a personal level, this past spring I moved my father, Cort, to Santa Fe into an assisted living facility, as well as cleared out and rented his two Maryland properties. The latter took 2 weeks, a 30 yard dumpster and many hands helping. As many of you may know, caring for an elderly parent—as well as one with dementia—is a life-changing and epic journey for the heart and soul. This is an ongoing journey of grief and grace, combined with learning how to deal productively with a corporate based assisted living facility and numerous logistics.

_dsc6335On the equestrian front there were several  items on the proverbial bucket list. Dandi, my equine partner, and I attended an awesome Extreme Trail Clinic with Mark Bolenger at the beautiful Estancia Alegre Peruvian Horse Ranch north of Santa Fe in Alcalde which features a major trail course, including 30′ bridge! Gulp! Crossing that required trusting my horse and letting go of major control!

img_20160801_183641We also participated in a Team Penning Cow Clinic. (Wow, can Dandi move fast—both towards the cow when it’s moving away from him, as well as away from the cow when it’s coming towards him!) And yes, I believe there is a way to practice the Wu Wei principles while completing 1-rein stops. Wink wink.

dscn0454And a dressage schooling show where we decided blue is definitely a good color for Dandi. While competition is not a foremost priority for me, I love the challenge of collaborating with my own Inner Judge and finding equanimity in partnership with both myself and my generous horse.

Facilitator meeting

Your Authentic Life Personal Coaching practice continues to thrive and expand! In addition to inspiring private clients, I had the privilege of welcoming Beth Bryce’s women’s group to Santa Fe and facilitating a powerful Horses Healing Being workshop for them. They loved it so much, they’ll be back again in spring 2017 and staying longer for more in depth work with the horses!

New workshops, such as Self Care for the Soul: A Mini-Retreat with Horses and Morning Meditation with the Horses, have been wildly successful and enriching. This work is so dear to my heart largely because the horses are so utterly present with themselves and others, and it offers me the opportunity to embody that energy as well. Check out the Events page for more personal growth and equestrian offerings to come!

Lastly, Dandi and I have found a new saddle, Equine Inspired by George Gullikson, that we LOVE for so many reasons!! So many rider’s struggle to find a saddle that fits both of them properly, but this particular design also offers the best and most unique gullet plate system (the fork area over the withers of the horse) I have found thus far; every horse that I’ve seen wear this saddle immediately starts licking, chewing and moving with so much more freedom and joy.  If you’re interested in learning more or attending one of the educational workshops, please email me or post here.

img_0353Wishing you and yours a beautiful autumn as the days grow shorter and the hearth warmer,