In addition to office, phone and Skype sessions most offerings are available year round, although ultimately events are scheduled seasonally, honoring the cycles of nature in the southwest United States.
Local, national or international arrangements for private retreats and/or customized events may be made. Visitors are welcome to participate in events and/or meet Lynn and the horses by appointment.  

Summer 2017

July 29: Healing Power of Horses Introductory Demonstration An introductory morning of exploration and immersion. Come meet the horses and learn what horse might offer you on your journey of healing and self-growth. No horse experience needed and appropriate for professionals considering offering this modality or client referrals. FREE 10—12 noon. Arrowhead Ranch, Santa Fe, NM. RSVP required.



selfcare-horse-photoAugust 19: The Healing Power of Horses: Self Care for the Soul Are you someone who cares deeply for others, but sometimes struggles to care for yourself? Or perhaps taking care of yourself as an adult in the world feels like a mystery at times? The demands of human life can be overwhelming, but horses are excellent at listening to their own inner guidance and modeling self care; experience their healing energy and learn what tending to your well-being and whole health means…for youThrough unmounted guided exercises and the power of our intimate circle, you will identify and experience skills to apply now and in the future. No horse experience needed. Private ranch in Eldorado, New Mexico. Maximum 8 participants.

$175 by August 5th, $225 after.
Contact Lynn for more information and to register.

Autumn 2017

September 14 Team Building Workshop with the Horses for Solace Crisis Treatment Center (Private event but contact us if your group or team would like to schedule a customized workshop.)

September 16—17 Kinesiology for Horses: Keeping Horses Healthy Naturally Learn how cutting edge Energy Medicine techniques can be applied to horses relieving many of their physical, emotional and behavioral issues. Kinesiology is a holistic system using techniques that are simple, yet profoundly effective in resetting stress and imbalances. We teach a variety of hands-on skills to create more ease and better health for both you and your horse. These skills can also be applied for other pets! Mary Ann Menetrey, Equine Bodywork Practitioner, and Lynn Clifford will be hosting Larry Green of Kinesiology for Horses for this 2-day workshop. Email with questions or to reserve your space. Arrowhead Ranch, Santa Fe, NM 87507

October TBA: Women & Aging: Mother, Matriarch, Queen &  Crone Finding purpose and passion through the life cycles with the wisdom and presence of horses as guides. Unmounted. No horse experience needed.

November TBA: Equine Inspired Custom Saddles with George Gullikson. Free educational talk and saddle fittings by appointment. Lynn is the southwest representative and this is by far the best saddle she has ever tried. Dandi and every horse she tries the saddle on LOVES it and moves markedly freer/better due to significant design differences from what else is out there. Featuring English, Hunter Jumper and a western hybrid saddle as well as custom bridles designed to relieve pressure point areas. Check out for videos and more information. George will be coming back several times a year, so if you can’t make this date, just contact Lynn at for the next one in Santa Fe or to make arrangements at your barn.


February Horses Healing Being Workshop in Lima, Peru Unmounted, no horse experience needed.

March Deep Rest & Renew Retreat, no horses, Cliff River Springs, NM

April Horses Healing Being Workshop in Scotland Unmounted, no horse experience needed.

May 23—27 Daring Circle Horses Healing Being Women’s Retreat (Private)

October 17—20  Daring Circle Horses Healing Being Women’s Retreat (Private)