The Inner Equestrian™ (TIE) Program

The Inner Equestrian™ (TIE) Program

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The Inner Equestrian™ Courses are a unique approach to the traditional clinic,  tailored to improve your relationship with your horses from the inside out and the ground up with two founding principles at the core—

• we bring ourselves to everything we do, in and out of the arena, on and off the trail

• healthy principles apply universally and across species

TIE aims to educate and empower horse enthusiasts about the nervous system of both horse and human, lending practical yet profound relationship and connection building tools which build confidence and communication regardless of discipline.

Experience The TIE™  program for yourself or your community in the  comfort of your own facility, barn, club, tack shop or home.  Contact Lynn to discuss individual and group arrangements in more depth, including Keynote presentations, individual sessions..

Evening, half-day to multi-day courses include unmounted interactive educational  workshops with or without the addition of sessions with horses. Topics may be customized with a specialty focus for your specific venue, including the psychology/brain, physiology/body, and relationship skills from a nervous system  viewpoint.


The Inner Equestrian Workshops and Tele-Classes are intended to support equestrians by addressing the often overlooked “inner” aspects of horsemanship—the mental and emotional aspects unique for humans working with 1000# partners.

digital camera load one 1705Workshops may be combined with clinics for a more complete experience. Private sessions and Keynote presentations are also available.

Horses in the Morning: Interview on Fear

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Lynn with buckskin

Click on the magazine cover to read Lynn’s article “Emotional Centering in the Saddle.”



Inner Equestrian Topics include:

  • Setting Goals for the Ride of Your Life
  • Re-Claiming Your Ride: From Fear to Freedom After an Accident
  • Prancing Past Performance Anxiety: Shake off the Show Jitters & Find your Inner Still Point
  • Customized Topics

HANM_Vol2_Issue3_MayJune2014v2.inddClick on the magazine cover to read Lynn’s article “Overcoming Show Jitters and Claiming Your Inner Winner.”

Cover photo is of Lynn’s mother, Helene Asmis with Lusitano stallion Jalifa.





AWESOME presentation! —EG

Thank you for such a great, informative and enjoyable workshop! —SS

An AMAZING teacher, so very perceptive and gentle and fun and non-threatening and accurate and helpful and….Wow. MW

To see the difference in her head position with such a slight change in my fingers, incredible. THANK YOU!! I really enjoyed the clinic. I am so glad you were able to include me. It was a nice size and a nice group of women AND the instruction was so helpful. LD

Lynn is a joy to work with and explains things ways that are easy to understand and implement.  Lynn seems to know exactly what me and my horse need in each moment even if I may be in a totally different place than the others in the clinic/lesson. I’ve accomplished more with my communcation/connection with my horse and have had many “ah ha” moments with Lynn in a short period of time compared to other trainers where I didn’t feel I was really progressing! —PR