Life Coaching for Equestrians

The Inner Equestrian (TIE):
Life Coaching for Equestrians


TIE is the culmination of Lynn’s work blending personal growth and introspection, holistic horsemanship and classical dressage for the total dimensional equestrian experience. Participants may attend one or both, but positive transformation in how you relate with and ride horses is guaranteed.

How we mentally and emotionally approach our time with our horses powerfully effects our experience and can change our ride for better…or for worse. 

These workshops are for riders of all disciplines, and you may participate without a horse as well. These clinics are suitable for those seeking more mutual responsiveness in their relationship with their horse as well for those facing confidence and fear issues. 

Learn the foundational tools which will support you and your horse in having the best possible relationship and ride. These unmounted and mounted tools will benefit your relationships outside of the arena as well—on the trail and in the living of your life. 

Join Lynn—a third generation professional equestrian and licensed therapist—for specific exercises and discussion designed to help you tap into the powers of your optimal Inner Equestrian.

You may be an experienced horse person who had an accident, or a major life change that influenced your confidence and enjoyment. You may have lost a sense of your own inner compass when it comes to horsemanship, overwhelmed or belittled by instructors or the nearby equestrian community.

Yet you are unable to turn away from horses, and know something needs to change in order to continue.

The Inner Equestrian Life Coaching Sessions are intended to support equestrians by addressing the often overlooked “inner” aspects of horsemanship—the psychology of mental and emotional aspects unique for humans working with 1000# partners.

Because horses are so sensitive, addressing your inner motives, the areas where you may bypass our own wisdom, where you’ve lost trust with yourself or your equine partner, are areas that are vitally important to re-claiming your ride in a safe and sustainable way.

Sessions are customized and may be combined with lessons or clinics for a more integrated experience when desired.

Travel Fees apply for individual barns or locations and may be split

“You are not working with the horse, you are working on yourself”  Ray Hunt

With gentle support and the asking of meaningful questions, Lynn has helped me connect the dots between my equestrian life and other facets of my world. I had a particularly difficult horse that I was struggling with for months. The situation had become dangerous; I was getting physically hurt and emotionally discouraged. Lynn showed me how to set boundaries with this horse, how to provide him with structure and clarity so he could come into balance. I suddenly saw the parallels; I desperately needed some boundaries in other areas of my life. I needed more structure and clarity so I could come into balance as well. When Lynn asked me “Why did you choose this horse?” I realized that—despite the rocky relationship this horse and I had—we were very similar. I thought I had chosen him to rescue him, but I needed to rescue myself in some of the same ways. Lynn has shown me how horses can be our mirrors. Her insight and support consistently helps me navigate the rich metaphors I encounter through horsemanship. She is an invaluable guide.— E.L.C.

I’m such a different rider now because of Lynn. The most important things I learned in my work with Lynn were to ride without psychological pressure, and to stop trying so hard to be perfect my riding.  Instead, I reclaimed the joy of riding, and learned to be kinder and gentler with myself, to be patient with myself as I overcame accumulated fear and trauma. I ride for different reasons now, and I enjoy myself so much more.  —DM

After a serious fall from my young horse, I persisted with training, unaware of the fear I was both holding back and holding onto. Lynn helped me realize that acknowledging my own tension is the first step dispelling that tension in my riding, so that my horse can relax and work with me; so that we can support each other instead of bracing against one another physically and mentally. —KL

I engaged Lynn’s support after experiencing a traumatic and life altering injury. My confidence was low and I was very self protective. My horse and I have always had a close and spiritual bond and I wanted him in this process with me. We needed to repair our relationship. Lynn provided openings and is skillful in interpreting both me and my horse; Lynn is really good at what she does. I am back in the saddle and feeling positive about going forward. —KS