Winter Solstice (and a telling typo!)

A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace.

It also holds you.

—Elkhart Tolle

 May the beauty and stillness of the Natural World touch your heart as you allow yourself to receive the gifts that are always available to you and yours.


Solstice, on Wednesday, December 21st, is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. In my last mailing, where I was referencing Half Halts & The Holidays, I made an ironic typo—I wrote Halt Halt instead of Half Halt. And then I realized how perfect that “mistake” was, as sometimes a partial pause is simply not enough. We need to stop all of the way; a full halt.

Sometimes, when a horse is galloping, we need that One Rein Stop—a severe turn-about intervention utilized when a horse is bolting out of control of the rider. My “one rein stop” this week has been about sitting my fanny down in front of my mediation area. Then the rest follows.

For many, this is an incredibly sad time of year, filled with the loss of loved ones, the awareness of the passage of time as we perceive it, the discord between the bright, shiny, fast-paced external world and a differing inner rhythm or feeling. A friend recently shared his sentiment that the holidays were something to “endure.”

But we are all as unique as snowflakes, and vary on the spectrum of introversion and extroversion, perception and experience. Some find this time of year filled with joy, laughter, socializing and other festive activities, and may feel the child-like wonder of sparkling colored lights and other delights throughout their entire Being.

Regardless, consider what genuinely works for you this season of darkness and light. While the wheel of the year does indeed tip towards illumination once again, many of us have what feels to be the coldest, darkest winter days ahead. Care for your hearths and your hearts tenderly. Some find comfort in trusted friends and loved ones (critter and/or human); some in solitude, or prayerful contemplation in a Temple or in Nature; or perhaps a combination.

I’ve been tidying up and clearing out old belongings, setting up an alter to focus my intention through this time of hibernation for many—including Bear in parts of the world—and lighting candles every morning and evening. The other morning I enjoyed my first cup of hot chocolate this season while in my pj’s, and have been insisting on eating at least one meal a day sitting down without doing any other tasks. (Not even reading a magazine!)

During this time of transition, you may consider the following two simple questions. Trust yourself on your answers!

What is one thing you will do this winter season to care for yourself?

What is one thing you will not do, or will at least modify, this winter season?

I welcome you sharing your responses—either through the blog, or in an email to me, or with just one other person—as having a witness really supports your intentions.



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