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Winter Solstice (and a telling typo!)

A great silent space holds all of nature in its embrace.

It also holds you.

—Elkhart Tolle

 May the beauty and stillness of the Natural World touch your heart as you allow yourself to receive the gifts that are always available to you and yours.


Solstice, on Wednesday, December 21st, is the longest night of the year in the northern hemisphere. In my last mailing, where I was referencing Half Halts & The Holidays, I made an ironic typo—I wrote Halt Halt instead of Half Halt. And then I realized how perfect that “mistake” was, as sometimes a partial pause is simply not enough. We need to stop all of the way; a full halt.

Sometimes, when a horse is galloping, we need that One Rein Stop—a severe turn-about intervention utilized when a horse is bolting out of control of the rider. My “one rein stop” this week has been about sitting my fanny down in front of my mediation area. Then the rest follows. Continue reading Winter Solstice (and a telling typo!)

Half Halts & The Holidays

It’s snowing here in Santa Fe as I write this—heavy, wet flakes accumulating on the ground and in the majestic pine tree that lives outside my front door. What a beautiful morning! I’m contemplating the holidays and how much I needed this unscheduled day of rest to catch up with myself.

There is something called a “half halt” in the horse world, where the rider asks the horse to recycle their energy—typically from the forehand—and activate the hindquarters for more thrust, power, engagement. I also affectionately use the term re-balance when teaching or training.

We use this re-balancing tool when the horse is going faster than desired, is balanced more on their forehand instead of their center of power, to prepare them for a change of gait, i.e. transition, or change of some sort, or to simply help get their attention. And how does this translate to riders, and even non-riders, during the holidays? Continue reading Half Halts & The Holidays

Looking for that perfect gift? Give an Experience that Lasts.

Looking for that perfect gift? Give the gift that doesn’t require dusting—an experience that lasts—for those local to Santa Fe or considering visiting the Land of Enchantment, and there are even options for those who live elsewhere.

And if purchased by January 3, 2017, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to an incredible cause, such as The Horse Shelter, Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary, The Espanola Animal Shelter, or A Network for Grateful Living. The gift certificate is good for one year from date of issue, so may be used during any season in 2017.

If you are in the giving mood this season, consider gifting yourself and/or another any amount from $20 up towards any service, including— Continue reading Looking for that perfect gift? Give an Experience that Lasts.