Experiential Mentoring

Private and Group Retreats in Experiential Personal Growth and/or Horses Healing Being

Are you ready to thrive? Embody the lasting change you seek on a compelling, visceral level, or in the words of Gandhi, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Perhaps you’re tired of talking about changing patterns and perceptions but not actually feeling it, or would like to try something different than a traditional approach to healing. You may also have more of a non-verbal, experiential processing style, or needing to feel more than think your way through a life challenge or transition. 

Drop into the moment, feel your body’s wisdom and connect with your senses through some or all of the following customized transformative personal growth experiences:

  • Ceremony & Rites of Passage
  • Horses Healing Being sessions (see below)
  • Creativity and Expressive Arts (no experience needed), including
    • Journaling and Poetry 
    • Drawing, Painting and Color Play
    • Authentic Movement and Free Form Dance
    • Energy Awareness, Centering & Empowering Exercises
  • Ecotherapy—conscious time in Nature

Contact Lynn for a complimentary discovery session to discuss how a Experiential Mentoring may best serve you.

I now feel more self-aware than I did before our sessions, and clearer about the energy, passion and openness I want to embrace in myself and project out into the world. I feel more in touch with my emotions and more able to express my anger in an authentic way, and also to respect my anger as a sign that something is not right. —MB

Horses Healing Being Retreats

Horses have a profound way of meeting us exactly where we are, exactly as we need—whether we know anything about them or not.

They rarely have an agenda and care more about congruence and authenticity—which equals safety to them—than the roles we play or the “story” we may tell ourselves or others, conscious or otherwise.

To experience a ~1000# sentient being shift weight, sigh or take a step either towards or away from us can bring up a myriad of thoughts and feelings. The parallel metaphors to your life patterns, relationships and even spirituality will help you gain perspective, stretch and/or discover your comfort zones and boundaries.

“The structure of the Horses Healing Being sessions is very organic, starting with a check in to find out where you would like to focus, e.g. if there are areas of your life or relationships where you would like more insight, freedom, etc.. and then we work with the horse(s) co-facilitating with us in the process. These magical sessions are powerful mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing opportunities about Being rather than Doing. They are unmounted and are not “horsemanship” sessions, although equestrians and non-equestrians alike walk away with profound insights and shifts.” —LC

You do not have to be “horse crazy” or an equestrian to experience the benefits of working with these great creatures. The Horses Healing Being experience is unmounted and non-linear, where you relate with the individually selected Horse or Horses on a non-utilitarian level, your eyes even with theirs in equality. You may also bring your own horse for private work, or contact Lynn for custom options at your own barn.

  • Private Retreat (see above pricing) or Group of up to (6) participants
  • 24 hour cancellation policy
  • Group Pricing—
    • 1/2 Day $97
    • Full Day $197
    • Special Topics
      • The Solstices & Equinoxes
      • The Dance of Self Care
      • Transitions with Grace & Ease
      • Horses Healing Being Introduction
      • Caregiving, Parents & Aging: Perspective & Support
      • The Mythical Magical Horse: Guide to Your Life
      • Customized Topic of Your Choice


It was such, such an honor to be held and witnessed by the horse. —EB

I don’t really know horses, but did Lynn’s workshop and had a profound insight. I had a corrective embodied experience around some relational dynamics with a very magnificent and generous horse. Thanks for a really great experience. —Amina Re

. . .unexpected magic and information. —AV

Customized Private Retreats

For those seeking an intimate, safe environment to go deeply and transform profoundly, private retreats range anywhere from 2 hours to full day(s) and are uniquely blended just for you from the transformative personal growth experiences listed above.

  • Retreats are pre-paid with a 24 hour cancellation policy for 2 or less hours, 48 hour for longer retreats
  • Single Session—$220
  • (3) Session Package—$594 (10% savings) within (3) months


Today I fell in love again. . .and reclaimed my strength. —Lisa

A life-affirming experience you facilitated for me that I will remember forever and ever. —Andrea L.

I am astonished at how magical these sessions are. —KT


Custom Options & Consultation

Would you like to experience Experiential Life Mentoring for yourself or your community in the privacy and comfort of your own facility, barn or home? Or perhaps you are wanting to develop your own programs with Horses and Healing?

Contact Lynn to discuss individual and group arrangements in more depth.

My time here has opened doors and been a gift to my authentic self. —BT

Lynn’s careful and intuitive guidance felt both strong and non-intrusive a the same time. . . Little did I know I would fall in love in a union literal and in the most profound sense of it. —IM

Interacting with a horse in therapy was an earthy, healing experience for me, and encouraged me to be more deeply aware of my body and its signals. Equine therapy also helped me break down complicated issues into visible, tangible pieces – simplifying them and providing a degree of clarity that “talk therapy” alone could not provide. Lynn is a compassionate, intuitive person, a keen observer and a devoted horse woman. Her mix of talents make her an ideal practitioner of equine therapy, and I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs healing, self-knowledge or direction in their life. —MB