Horses and Healing

Why Horses?

Given the space and time, Horses have a profound way of meeting us exactly where we are, exactly as we need—whether we have any horse experience or not. They rarely have an agenda and care more about congruence and authenticity—which equals safety to them—than the roles we play or the “story” we may tell ourselves or others, conscious or otherwise.

To experience a ~1000# sentient being of such stark transparency (honesty) shift weight, sigh or take a step either towards or away from us can bring up a myriad of thoughts and feelings. And because we literally can’t help but bring ourselves to everything we do, the parallel metaphors to your life patterns, relationships and even spirituality will help you gain perspective, stretch and/or discover your comfort zones as well as potential boundaries.

Scientifically speaking, being with horses has been proven to help reduce stress
and anxiety, lower blood pressure and cortisol levels, lift depression,  provide self-confidence and release oxytocin.

“The structure of the Horses Healing Being sessions begins with a conversation to find out where you would like to focus, e.g. if there are areas of your life or relationships where you would like more insight, freedom, etc.. and then we work with the horse(s) co-facilitating with us in the process. These sessions are powerful mental, emotional and/or spiritual healing opportunities, typically with a focus on Being rather than Doing. They are unmounted and are not “horsemanship” sessions, although equestrians and non-equestrians alike walk away with profound insights and shifts.” —LC

You do not have to be “horse crazy” or an equestrian to experience the benefits of working with these great creatures. The Horses Healing Being experience is unmounted and non-linear, where you relate with the individually selected Horse or Horses on a non-utilitarian level, your heart level with theirs in equality, eye to eye. You may also bring your own horse for private work, or contact Lynn for custom options at your own barn.

  • Private Sessions and Customized 1:1 Retreats
  • 48 hour cancellation policy for individuals

Listen here to a KSFR podcast interview with Lynn—

I don’t really know horses, but did Lynn’s workshop and had a profound insight. I had a corrective embodied experience around some relational dynamics with a very magnificent and generous horse. Thanks for a really great experience. —Amina Re

. . .unexpected magic and information. —AV

Thank you so much for such a vital and full session. A lot happened, in my view. The choices of activities and setups were great. The horse is amazing and her effects linger. —AJ