The Horses

The Arrowhead Herd

Dandi is a true gentle-man, dignified and quiet, with a brief but powerful way of working with coaching clients. He is a 10 yo Andalusian, an ancient and noble Spanish breed, and is known for his handsome, steady presence. He often represents the balanced masculine for people, with a healthy feminine quality to his temperament.

Lynn belongs to Dandi, and they have been together since Dandi was two years old. He is often the horse she will put new students with for preliminary introductions because of his gentle and tolerant nature and the high school training they have accomplished together. He resides at Arrowhead Ranch where he keeps an eye on things from his front corner pen.

Marayah is a true Crone/Wise Woman/Elder/Matriarch of Quarter Horse and Trakhener descent in her late 20’s. She is one of the taller horses in the program at Arrowhead Ranch, but what a dignified, gentle spirit. Marayah also models conserving her energy impeccably, as she is in the stage of life where extraneous details do not impress her and she has become the Queen of The Nap Time. Don’t think she’s not paying attention though, because when something needs to be shared, she is utterly present to help facilitate healing. Marayah represents quite a matriarchal lineage, especially as her person, Mary Anne, had her grandmother, her mother and now her.

Khemoashee (Kleo) is a beautiful and feminine 18 year old chestnut Arabian mare who has been a mother many times. Her person, Valerie, kindly shares her with us at Arrowhead Ranch, where she also helps teach more advanced students. Kleo was trained to show Hunt Seat, but also thrives with basic Dressage. Her current owner, Valerie Chelonis says, “I am so blessed to have such a sensitive, kind, intelligent and well-mannered horse. She is a pleasure to be and work with. I am happy that she is part of Lynn’s classes so that others are able to enjoy her too.

Lily is a Norwegian Fjord, a working farm or cart-horse breed known for their small but strong build. She brings a calm, grounding, earthy energy to her work and can represent the strong feminine for many. Lily is a smooth strided horse who helps out beginner and advanced riding students as well. She has a higher level of training and teaches students much about effective aids and lightness. Her person, Alison, is kind enough to share her with us where she lives at Arrowhead Ranch

Gypsy is a feminine buckskin mare with a sensitive, gentle spirit. This Quarter Horse girl really engages in sessions and has provided several people with profound breakthroughs during their coaching sessions. Her person, Paula, generously shares her with us at Arrowhead Ranch.

A younger chocolate colored girl, Kodi, a Navajo  mustang, was happily feral until the age of two when she was brought into The Horse Shelter. The smallest and newest of the equine staff members, her name “Kodi” means “Here” in Navajo, chosen by her beloved person, Peggy, to help her remember to be in the present moment. She is delighted to join with people on their journeys, and has a bright, inquisitive temperament. Her previous name was “Happy” and this is indeed a great description of this small but big-spirited horse. Kodi lives at Arrowhead Ranch.

Tucker is a Quarter Horse gelding who loves to participate in these sessions! He can be gently pushy, helping people set healthy boundaries, although some people love how close he likes to get! Tucker has a twinkle in his eye and is sure to offer you some insights.

Dan is “tall, dark and handsome” with a sweet twinkle in his eye and a gentle stature that can make one feel humbled. His person, Randi, affectionately calls him Hippo.

The Eldorado Herd

Tango is a larger boned Mississipi Fox Trotter, a breed known for their smooth ambling gaits, in his 20’s. He can vacillate between providing humor in sessions with his clown-like temperament, and alternatively modeling how to conserve energy and take care of himself by standing apart from the crowd when needed. His person, Andrea, kindly shares him with us from at a private coaching facility where Lynn offers individual and group sessions in the Eldorado area of Santa Fe.

Dichoso is a fine boned white Arabian gelding in his late 20’s whose name means blessed, happy and/or a musical rhyming Jester/Joker. He typically works up-close-and-personal with folks and is known for his magical Unicorn-like presence. His person, Andrea, kindly shares him with us at a private coaching facility where Lynn offers individual and group sessions in the Eldorado area of Santa Fe.

The Nizhoni Herd

Bart is a loving and opinionated quarter horse gelding. Ask him anything—he knows the answer! He is a genuinely caring horse who watches over the happenings at Nizhoni, offering guidance and support to every horse and human he meets. He and his person, Mark, spend a lot of their time in conversation and laughter.

Rusty is an old soul that gets younger every day. After a racing career, he ended up at The Horse Shelter, where his people, Erin and Gabe found him. Rusty is a gentle spirit in a tall, strong thoroughbred body. As he gets more comfortable in his forever home at Nizhoni, more of his sparkly personality emerges. This horse has seen a lot and has a lot to share. A very special guy.