Online Meditation for Equestrians

Do you long to take time for yourself,  to breathe deeply and unwind with self compassion and self acceptance?

Horses embody presence and therefore often model the qualities we are seeking for ourselves. As masters of presence connected effortlessly with their true natures, the horses offer us who they are in the fullest sense and thereby invite us to do the same with sensitivity, insight, humor and wisdom. 

Meditation with Horses invites participants to intentionally step out of the whirl of life  and step into the “field” of spaciousness to reset and refresh by releasing perfectionism, intensity, performance, and striving.

When we are authentic our mind, our mood and our bodies align into congruent wholeness and enable us to connect more fully with ourselves, Source and others. The past, present and future stories we may tell ourselves or may have been tethered to begin to dissolve and we can experience the exquisite Here and Now.

During the winter and spring months, pending weather, we will gather online indoors. Join us in an exploration of stillness, intermittent silence and spaciousness through seated, standing and walking meditations with the presence of sentient horses. All activities are unmounted with an emphasis on “being” versus “doing.” This work is open to those seeking greater connection with themselves. No experience with horses, personal growth or meditation is necessary; it may include a combination of intention setting (and releasing!), body-centered and introspective exercises such as journaling and expressive arts and extended periods of silence with the horses in a safe and structured environment suited.

Email to schedule your Meditation with Horses session:

The Meditation with Horses was a profound experience for me. I think it was the first time I ever felt a prolonged embodiment of my true self that involved being fully present in the world and in my body. It was a revelation. I felt like the horses helped to model for me a way of being that I totally took on and it really changed me. —PT