How to Buy/Adopt a Horse | Online class


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Includes 2 hour and 20 minute class, plus an outline of course content.

Testimonials from happy attendees:

“Wonderful delivery and tons of invaluable information.” ~ JL

“Lynn shares invaluable wisdom in this course—both practical and inspirational. From deciding if you’re ready to buy your first horse, to welcoming him home, she covers everything you need to know about this intricate process.” ~ ELC

Course outline:

  • All about preparation! Are you actually ready for a horse?
  • First things first: Vital questions and considerations
  • Common pitfalls
  • A Few Truths
  • Considerations regarding your choice of a horse
  • Who is involved?
  • Sources—When and where do you look?
  • Recognizing a “tell,” what to look for and how
  • What contributes to price
  • Questions to ask the seller
  • What to see/do when you go to meet a horse.
  • In between steps
  • Closing the deal
  • BONUS: Welcoming your new horse

Finding the horse of a lifetime is both an art and a science! Download this podcast and listen at your leisure. $50

Serious about finding your own horse? Buy the class and receive a private customized 30-minute phone consultation. $125

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